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In the packaging and shipping business, either you’re on time or you lose money. But more importantly, you lose current and future business. With the right equipment and capital to get the job done you can be a hero not just to the customer but to your family because they depend on you to get things done.
Thank you ACF

Jordan Frank
All Commercial Finance Reviews

We were at the end of our ropes. We had tried everything to get financing to purchase a mixed use property in Brooklyn, NY. We paid fees to just about everybody but received no funding. We were pleasantly surprised with the service and the results we received at all commercial... they did what they said they would do.

Norma W.
All Commercial Finance Reviews

God must have sent you to us? We had been turned down by our bank of a long history and a few other places that promise financial solutions.
We have out grown our church for its size considerably. We urgently needed an expansion loan but personal credit issues and under 3 years as an incorporated church was a stumbling block to our salvation… until All Commercial Finance solved our problem.
Our ministry shall be forever endeared to you for understanding and efforts that resulted in securing the funding we needed

Rev. H. Black
All Commercial Finance Reviews

One of the fastest growing Funeral Directors in the State, I was in foreclosure on existing financing due to changes in City and County Regulatory requirements which required considerable expenditure of capital to meet environmental compliance.
The funeral home was shut down pending Regulatory Mandate Ratification.

Unable to sustain mortgage payments for lack of cash flow and reserves, payments on the mortgage was suspended allowing the loan to default. The defaulted lender filed foreclosure to protect their interest.

Looking for financial bailout was an effort of frustration from all the denials and pretence of interest.

Referred by a bankruptcy law firm, I contacted All Commercial Finance just prior to filing bankruptcy to see if their story was the same as every other finance company? They Secured a 50% LTV loan for $1,750,000 to pay off foreclosing bank loan, inventory debt, back property taxes and provided working capital for reserve and needed improvements.
I guess the moral to my story is not to ever give up!

J. Bailey
All Commercial Finance Reviews

Looking for a goods truck financing partner? Call the ACF company, I did after wasting a lot of time with several other people that promised me the moon. They made it happen and I got the truck.

Jack H.L.
All Commercial Finance Reviews

Opening two new dental offices stretched our finances to its limit plus some. If not for the discounted price commercial property acquisition opportunity the search for required financing would not have been necessary. Considering this a once in a life time opportunity, we failed to qualify for a SBA loan because we couldn’t show the down payment and reserves required by the bank. We found All Commercial Finance on the internet and was amazed at the various leverage finance programs available. They saved our goal of multiple business location ownership.

Troy W. DDS