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God's Work - Hudson Taylor

  • Purchase a church building
  • Land acquisition
  • Construction, building or expansion for church
  • Daycare, school or College
  • Required equipment
  • Construct or purchase an assisted living facility
  • A nursing home
  • A dementia care facility

It is all available to you. Just give us a call.

We honor the journey with Faith-based organizations in the conquest of providing religious community centers financing to spread God word and provide financial services to all denominations.

Faith financing organizations are the cornerstone of Business and Religion.

Financing done the right way will honor God and respect your congregation.

Church Financing for any Circumstance

Traditional loans for churches do not always fit the financial circumstance of your ministry.

While the operating budget may be balanced each month, with no sizable balance in you building fund or low average balance in your operating account, it will be difficult to contribute the size of a cash down payment demanded by the conventional finance market place to complete a purchase.

More often than not, visible progress in the growth of your ministry first bears spiritual fruit that leads to increased giving of the member, time, and talents in support of the church‚ vision and mission.

Faith based financing often include supporting revenue from day cares and schools. Even revenue generated by a lease from ownership of a previously purchased sanctuary. We salute diversification in revenue sourcing to accomplish the needs of your ministry.

The growth of a ministry spurs excitement and confidence in the membership.

All Commercial Finance understands there are circumstances, often beyond the control of the church where:

  1. Lacking money for a down payment but Income is available for monthly payments
  2. Files Chapter 11 but can't make monthly payments
  3. Own a small church but prefer to lease it out and purchase a larger church
  4. Want to pay off a personal recourse church loan

We cannot fix everything but given blessing and the opportunity, we can change many things for the better.

These financing opportunities exist and are Real!

-- Want to buy a church building? Available financing up to 100% of church purchase not exceeding 75% (in some cases, much higher) of current valuation on long term church mortgages. No personal recourse with competitive interest rates.

-- Financing and loan workout available for churches with credit issues such as Bankruptcy which is interim financing to correct a problem and provide the financial pathway to long term financing.

-- Church equipment including sound, video and vehicle financing

-- Outreach project financing: Nursing homes; Assisted Living and Dementia care. Financing customized to fit project need subject to guidelines of program requirement

Partners for Life Providing the Services you Need for Your Financial Goals

Providing exceptional service, All Commercial Finance empowers ministries financially to focus on what they are meant to do in life, to follow their calling.

Through our lending partner services where as a team, we will take time to understand your needs, define your goals and dreams and endeavor to design a practical plan to pursue your financial goals.

Typical Finance Terms

  1. Loan Amortization: Up to 25 years amortization (loans above $500,000)
  2. Interest Rate: From 4.25% (rates are higher for 100% LTC financing). Loan to Value (LTV)
  3. Up to 80% (max 75% LTV for 100% of property cost loan) Loan to Property Cost
  4. Loan to Property Cost: Up to 100% (loans above $500,000 and does not include finance related cost)
  5. Recourse and non-recourse loans: No personal recourse for 100% LTC financing

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