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Church Loan Programs

Providing Creative Financing Solutions for Churches.

All Commercial Finance has provided finance solutions for over 30 years to churches of many denominations.

Our goal is to deliver the right finance solution for the ministry to enhance growth of congregations and supporting the church as a leader in the community.

Often, capital is required for a ministry to grow. Our mission is to provide the needs of the church whether it be for:

  • purchasing a church
  • refinancing
  • expansion
  • adding a school
  • a daycare center
  • an assisted living facility
  • a nursing home
  • a dementia care facility
  • construction
  • remodel
  • requiring new sound equipment

Typical Finance Terms

Loan Amortization

Up to 25 years amortization (loans above $500,000)

Interest Rate

From 4.25% (rates are higher for 100% LTC financing).

Loan to Value (LTV)

Up to 80% (max 75% LTV for 100% of property cost loan)

Loan to Property Cost

Loan to Property Cost: Up to 100% (loans above $500,000 and does not include finance related cost)

Recourse and non-recourse loans

no personal recourse for 100% LTC financing

We will also consider loans below $500,000 but terms are not on par with the above loan description